How To Use ge2txt

The follow are required to run ge2txt:

PC running Microsoft Windows XP
128 MB RAM
100 MB free hard disk

  1. Begin by downloading from this web site to a directory on your PC. Then:
  2. Unzip the file to a directory on your PC.
  3. Run the application MCRInstaller.exe. This will install the Matlab runtime environment required to run ge2txt. Select all the default options suggested during the installation process.
  4. If you want, you can test your installation by running ge2txt on the provided 'testdata' directory.
  5. Or...
  6. Use FTP to download the protocol files from your General Electric MRI scanner. By default, the protocol files are located on the scanner at: /usr/g/protocols/site
  7. For discussion, let's say you download your protocol files to your PC at c:\myfiles\
  8. Beneath c:\myfiles you will now have 8 new directories with names like 'upper,' 'lower,' head,' etc.
  9. These directories can become 'cluttered' and you must ensure they contain only protocol files before running ge2txt. For example, some ftp programs will save a *.log file to each directory. You must remove this log file and any other non-protocol files, like *.zip or *.tar files before running ge2txt. If you don't remove these files, nothing bad will happen, but ge2txt will not be able to convert those files and will exit before making your web pages.
  10. Once your target directories contain only protocol files, open a command shell by clicking START->RUN and entering "cmd." Press return.
  11. Either change to the directory where ge2txt is kept or ensure ge2txt is in your PATH.
  12. Invoke ge2txt by typing: ge2txt c:\myfiles
  13. And that's it. When ge2txt is finished, it will have made a new 'html' directory for you at c:\myfiles\html
  14. You can now upload these web pages to your web site or review them locally.